Happy Father’s Day

Today is my first Father’s Day with what I assume is all my kids. My youngest was born this past August, and I don’t have any plans to have any more. Surprises can always happen, but I think these three are it. If that holds true, then today is the first Father’s day with my full set.

I am always reminded on Father’s day of my simultaneous great fortune and terrible misfortune. I have three wonderful children; the best I could ask for. Unfortunately, I also have an extremely awesome dad myself, and he sets an impossible standard I couldn’t possibly live up to.

He is a nearly-mythic figure. The stories about him are legendary. He’s hilarious, he’s fearless, he’s hyper-competent and he loves life. Like all real people, he has his flaws, but they pale in comparison to his virtues. They don’t make ’em like him anymore.

Happy Father’s Day to all those who are or who have fathers or father figures. Cheers.

My father paying his debt to one of the fathers of our country.
The day I collected the whole set.

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