Welcome! My fabulous eldest daughter has requested that we start writing more things together, and this is absolutely something I want to strongly encourage. To that end, I’m carving out a little corner of this site for just that purpose. I may experiment with format a bit – I’m not sure if I’ll end up linking to an external site for what we do together, or if I’ll continue to compile things here, or what. But there’s no reason not to get started immediately just because I’m not sure what I want the final form to look like.

[The Beansprout will be in italics!]

Hello, this is the dear eldest my father always talks about and on this site every other week I am going to completely make up a story but on the other times, I am going to talk about my life.

My real goal here is to provide a space for my daughter to express herself, experiment with writing, and also give us something additional to do together (always a plus!). But I’m very open to anything that happens here as a result, since free expression is a marvelous thing. And now, closing thoughts from my darling, typing here by my side:

I am looking forward to acknowledging how to write better and to just having fun and letting my imagination take me to a magical wonderland.

(She’s the best.)

  • 04/13/2022

“What shall we write about today?” The Beansprout replies: “I already know.” So here she is:

I have had a crazy week! First, the beginning was Sunday. Every time it’s Sunday my siblings go nuts: they will scream “We’re going to Nana’s house. Whooooo!” But that’s because every Sunday at dinner time we go to my grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. Sunday dinner is where my immediate family and I get together for an amazing dinner. Now it’s Monday and boom state testing! Well, practice state testing.

[From Dad – which she has to continue tomorrow! So, more on this “crazy week” to come. Wish her luck, not that she needs it.]

  • 05/04/2022