Welcome to The Opportunity Machine!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Johnny.

I write words that I attempt to make some combination of insightful and/or humorous. I’ll write about anything that strikes my fancy, but topics I care about include: Philosophy, psychology, economics, movies, music, geeky stuff (like everything else on that list wasn’t geeky), relationships (romantic, familial, and professional), self-improvement and any ideas that I think will make the world a better place. I also have three awesome and hilarious kids, so I’ll write about them sometimes, usually in relation to one or more of those other topics.

I love my fellow humans. I want them to be happy. I love hearing about it when they are, and I love hearing why. Any stories you’d like to share with me, interesting thoughts you have or you’ve heard, or bits of well-meaning advice are always welcome. I also love hearing about what music you like.

I am motivated by freedom, inspired by kindness, and humbled by intelligence. My aim is that this place serves as a hallway of many open doors, a place to make connections and to learn, a place to create chances to succeed.

An opportunity machine.