I like to keep a page for all the times I’ve been published or mentioned in places other than my own blog. This is for me to stroll down memory lane on occasion, but feel free to poke around if you’re interested in stuff I’ve discussed on other topics!

Five Reasons To Take That Next Interview! Published on the Discover Praxis blog.

All my posts on the website, a pro-immigration website.

My appearance on Emony Anderson’s “Do Stuff Daily” podcast.

I’m quoted in this article on CNN Business on how to talk about getting fired in a professional context.

All my posts on the Ama La Vida blog, focused on career strategy and techniques.

My appearance on Let’s Go There with Shira & Ryan, talking about how to support a partner that’s lost a job unexpectedly (starting at the 39:00 mark).

I’m quoted in a MarketWatch article on the importance of soft skills in the workplace.