The Growing World

Every second of every day, the world grows in two ways.

First, it actually grows. More people are born, more words are written, more things are built and invented. We, collectively, get better at everything and invent new things to get better at. It’s amazing.

But the world grows in another way, too. It grows for you, specifically, you learn more about it.

You see, that huge enormous world out there is far too large for you to ever learn even a fraction of what it contains. No one would argue this, but few really appreciate the scope of what I’m saying. People hear me say stuff like that and think, “yeah, it’s true, I’ll never learn all the works of ancient Chinese literature.” But that’s being way too generous.

If the entire universe contained only the area within one mile from where you’re currently sitting, this would still be true. You don’t know a percent of a percent of a percent of everything that’s out there.

Want to try something? Name every job in existence. Go ahead, name as many as you can. By the time you hit a brick wall around 150 or so, you won’t even have named the tiniest fraction.

There are millions.

You’ve never heard of most of them.

Have you ever seen a ten-year-old get frustrated on a rainy day and say “there’s nothing to do” as they flop on the floor? The adult equivalent is saying that there’s no job that they feel passionate about. Or saying “there are no good men/women out there to date” when you’ve met what, 50? 100? Out of how many hundreds of thousands in your back yard?

Your choices in life are wildly less constrained than you think they are. It’s easy to swing and miss a few times and then think that’s all there is, but that’s ridiculous. I promise you, the wide wide world is absolutely overflowing with bounty. No matter what piece of life satisfaction you want, it’s out there if you chase it.

Every new door you open widens the world that you can search. When most people say they can’t find Thing X, whether it’s a meaningful job, a compatible partner, etc. – it’s because they’ve artificially narrowed their search in some way. They’re looking for jobs in the same mental space they’ve always occupied; their known industries, cities, roles. Or they keep looking for a partner in the same local bar and coming up empty.

Go somewhere new. As you get older, the walls close in on you. You have to constantly fight against that. Go new places, join new clubs, meet new people for no reason.

The world keeps growing, with or without you. Go grow with it.

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