So What If You’re Right

Sometimes you are 100% in the right in your disagreement with another person. They’re wrong and you’re not.

Doesn’t change a thing.

Your boss is doing one thing, and you think they should do another? Even if you’re completely right – so what? Nothing will change just because you’re right. No cosmic entity comes down and adjusts the world to be in balance with your correct view.

You still have to decide to quit or not. If you quit, you have to decide what else to do. If you stay, you have to decide how to navigate it.

This is the source of so much frustration in people. They get to a point where they’re sure they’re right, and then… nothing happens. It feels like it should! Once someone is “right” (which usually means finding a few people who agree with and validate you, but it could genuinely mean proving the correctness of your side), that person then subconsciously starts to expect the world to just change. And then it doesn’t, so what do most people do? They proclaim their right-ness with more fervor. Perhaps the universe just didn’t hear you.

Nope, sorry. Right or wrong, it’s still your life. You’ve got to manage it. Accepting that – truly internalizing that lesson – will save you so much frustration it’ll probably add five years to your life. It’s worth it to let go of being right.

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