When you topple a really, really big tower – even if the tower was full of bad people – it can fall on good people who had nothing to do with it.

The taller the tower, in fact, the farther away the rubble can fall. People who didn’t even know the tower was there could be hurt.

I’m not saying that you should never attempt to eliminate bad things. We should tear down bad towers, for sure. But lots of people get very, very zealous about what they perceive to be the bad towers (and of course, they’re not always right), to the point where they don’t even consider that there could be people standing in the fallout zone.

If you seek to help good people more than you hurt bad ones, you’ll generally be more likely to make the world a better place. “Bad people” are only bad if they’re hurting folks, so if you’re focused 100% on hurting bad people and never even thinking about the good people you want to help as a result, then you’re no longer acting from a place of justice. Just hatred.

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