Fun Is A Choice

Something doesn’t have to be fun for you to have fun. Fun is something you can just pluck out of the air, any time you want. You don’t even have to be in a good mood! Fun isn’t a byproduct of mood. Fun isn’t a mood, itself.

It’s not an activity, it’s not a mood. Fun is a way of treating the world.

Fun is a magic ingredient that simultaneously makes the good things in the world better while demoting the bad things to a status of lesser importance.

Fun is an assertion of independence. Of control over your destiny. No matter what the world throws at you, it cannot stop you from having fun.

My father was sick with diabetes for many years before his passing. Diabetes often comes with amputations, and my father was no exception. When he lost his first toe, he took a picture of his foot post-operation and sent it to me. Along with the caption: “This little piggy went to market.

Fun makes you invincible. If you’re spending time with loved ones, fun will spice those memories and then encase them in amber, making them forever a part of you. If you’re mourning together, then fun lets you say to the world “you can take everything but this.”

Never this.

Have fun.

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