We Like What We Like

I am, as the existence of this blog should tell you, an examiner. I like to understand why I think the way I do. At its core, that’s what this blog is about. Thinking about thinking.

I have a deep tendency to pull on threads, especially when I can sense that my intuition pulls me in two (or more!) directions. I don’t think we should blindly trust tradition, but I also don’t think we should ignore the wisdom of those that have walked ahead of us. I don’t think we should obey every rule, but I don’t think we should disregard rules by default. And so on.

So, I look for threads to pull. Ways to understand apparent contradictions and find sense in the things that seem simultaneously true and at odds with truth. For the most part, I’m happy with what I discover here.

Sometimes, though, there’s not a deeper truth – and that’s okay, too. If you like cherry pie, there doesn’t have to be a reason. You don’t have to go deep into your subconscious memories of your upbringing to find the moment when you ate cherry pie on your birthday when you got your first bike or something like that. You’re allowed to just like it because it’s good.

My point is that sometimes we over-examine. We pull on threads until they unravel the thing we’re exploring entirely. I have no intention nor expectation that I’ll stop being an analytical sort of person, but I just want to make it clear that in a lot of cases, it’s really and totally fine that just like what we like.

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