New Month’s Resolution – January 2023

Happy new month!

And, you know, happy new year, too!

Today, I asked my children what their resolutions were, and my resolution for this month is to help them with theirs. All of their resolutions were reasonable and awesome, and I’ll take great pride in helping them on their journey. My oldest wants to be able to do both a cartwheel and a handstand, my middle kid wants to memorize the names of every dinosaur (there are over 700, but if anyone can do it, she can), and my youngest said he wants to “be the boss,” which I’m translating into having more responsibility and being in charge of more things – a noble goal for the youngest of the brood.

What else is life but helping others? Find people whose dreams complement your own, and help each other. Let such be the theme of January – and all of 2023!

New Month’s Resolution – December 2022

Happy New Month!

This is the last month of what has been a very turbulent year for me. My life’s seen many changes this year. Some things have been wonderful, opportunities for growth. Other things have been burdens. And I’m afraid a few of those burdens have stayed heavy in my heart and mind.

So, this is a month of letting go. My resolution for December is to clear out the storage unit, so to speak. Journaling, meditating, speaking with others, possibly even sharing some of that here – whatever helps me move forward in throwing away a few of these anchors.

I hope your steps are light, my friend.

New Month’s Resolution – November 2022

Happy New Month!

I’m resolving this month to put more effort into intentionally checking in on relationships, both personal and professional. I don’t want to leave things on auto-pilot, and I want the people I value to know about it. I also want to put the time and effort into becoming a better participant in those relationships myself, whatever that ends up meaning for those people.

I hope your relationships flourish this month!

New Month’s Resolution – September 2022

Happy New Month!

For September, I have a light goal. Not as in, an easy one. But my goal is to get more light.

During the best sunny hours, I tend to be indoors. I have open windows everywhere, but it’s not the same as really basking. This month, I want to bask while the baskin’s good. So my goal is to spend at least ten uninterrupted minutes outside with no agenda other than to be there. I don’t want my sunlight to always come through a window or to be stolen in the minutes between house and car to take the kids to school. I want to just sit in it, every day.

I hope your days are just as bright.

New Month’s Resolution – August 2022

Happy new month!

My resolution this month is to do a few resets. Lately, a lot of my well-crafted and enjoyable routine has gotten a bit away from me. While I love adventures, I prefer that they be on my terms. Adventures are things I want to go and do; like Bilbo Baggins, I don’t necessarily want them banging down my door like they’ve been doing lately.

So my efforts here are to get some of my interrupted routines back into place. Whatever your mission is, I hope you achieve it!

New Month’s Resolution – June 2022

Happy New Month!

As always, the new month is an exciting time for me. Last month I committed to “making space” in my life for a new project, and that’s 90% done. A few more pieces to wrap up, and then this month the goal is the execution of that project! This mostly involves a lot of writing for me (so nothing totally out of my way), but in a new way that I’m really excited about.

May all of your projects be exciting!

New Month’s Resolution – May 2022

Happy New Month!

This is a month of several big changes and the beginnings of new projects for me. I need space for these changes. Some of that means “physical space;” at least one of these ongoing projects will require a rearranging of my living space a little. And some of that means “space in my life,” because I will need both a re-examined schedule and a re-prioritization mentally.

When my children ask for things, my common response is: “Sure, what are you getting rid of to make room for it?” Space in our lives is finite, in all of those senses. You can’t get something without giving up something else. You can’t just “squeeze in” one more thing; you have to clear some space. And in clearing that space, you also get to re-examine the space you have for everything. Some things get more in the shuffle because you realize how important they are.

So that’s the plan this month: build the space I need for the things I consider important. May you all have success doing the same!

New Month’s Resolution – April 2022

Happy New Month!

I’m excited about this month. I have several trips and events planned, a full calendar for work already booked, interesting projects to undertake, and wonderful milestones ahead.

That being said, I do have a particular focus: kids other than my own. Many of my friends and family are raising amazing kids of their own, and a whole crop of them are now reaching the age where it’s cool to do things with people other than your own parents. I pride myself on “awesome uncle” status as well as my joy in being a father, so this month my plan is to spread the love around some more.

My father, in addition to spending tons of time with me, made it a point to be a presence in the lives of his many nieces, nephews, godchildren, and all of their friends. He didn’t just take me camping – he led camping trips of ten kids where I and my cousins brought friends as well. I didn’t always know the parents of my friends intimately, but all of my friends knew my dad very well. They’d even come to him for advice and help independently of me, and he was always willing to give it.

That’s the type of man I aspire to be, and this month I intend to make it my primary focus. Cheer me on, and may you also be a joy in the lives of those you treasure.

New Month’s Resolution – March 2022

Happy New Month!

This month, I want to take a deeper look at the “casual” information I absorb. I tend to read a lot of blogs and books, and from those, I also tend to allow a lot of connected voices into my feed. Not all of them have aged well, and others are fantastic and yet I don’t pay enough attention. Still others are great for what they are, but no longer as relevant to me. The point is that I want to just clean up my information stream a little.

We too often let things like that just pile up and never take the time to “clean house.” Take a look at yours, and make sure you’re still getting what you want out of the time you give to information acquisition!