Two Things

Every day, do two things you don’t, strictly speaking, have to do.

Make one of them a challenging thing, and make one of them an easy or even self-indulgent thing.

The challenging thing can be a more intense workout than the day before, or writing a chapter of a book, or fixing up your website, or doing your taxes, or searching for a new job.

The easy thing can be reading a chapter of a book, organizing your desk, throwing away something you’ve been meaning to get rid of, or calling an old friend to say hello.

Obviously, what counts as “challenging” and “easy” will vary from person to person, but the goal is to make it a point to do something deliberately outside of your routine at least twice a day. One challenging thing so you get the reward of accomplishing a goal, and one easy thing so you can train your mind to not have to go into “full stress” mode just to get something done.

This is my new initiative. It’s so easy for people to fall into “maintenance mode” where all they do each day are the things they absolutely have to, followed by as much “nothing” as they can fit in. Even ambitious and non-lazy people can often just fill their day with more and more “maintenance” activities to the point where they’re never idle (good) but also never deliberate (bad).

Two things per day. You and me, friend. We can do it.

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