The Strange Ones

I love people with weird ideas. Ideas about politics, religion, philosophy, personal relationships – any of it. I like people who deviate from the norm. In my experience, the more a person’s view on a topic is outside the Overton window, the better the conversation will be.

I think it’s because people who have strange opinions generally know it, and so they’re generally prepared to defend their decisions with actual reasons. They’re also more willing to hear other strange viewpoints.

When someone’s viewpoint is well within the societal mean on that topic, there’s a strong possibility that they’ve never given it serious thought. It’s the “default” for them, just the way things are. But they’ve lived so long in that mental bubble that they can’t fathom a different viewpoint, even though they might have no real rational reason to hold that view.

People who have changed their minds have more interesting minds.

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