Under the Weather

I’m feeling very ill today. I don’t know if I’ve caught something or if it’s just a very bad case of seasonal allergies, but I’m wiped out. It makes me grateful.

Things could be a lot worse. Not only am I in relatively good health despite this minor incident, but even this is easily handled with modern conveniences and medicine. I have a comfortable couch to lay on and whine. There’s a roof over my head.

It’s a good habit to get in – when something bad happens, train yourself to be grateful for all the good things, and to be happy that much worse things didn’t happen. Some bad things are preventable or fixable, and keeping your mind clear of negative clutter will help you find solutions.

And if all you can do is take some medicine and sit down with a bowl of soup and a good book – well, it’s better to be cheerful doing that than miserable, isn’t it?

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