The Weird Ones

I love weird people.

I love when people are passionate about things. One of my favorite things in the world is listening to people geek out about something they care about. Whether it’s your favorite TV show, a project you’re working on, a cause you care about or even just a cool dog you saw. Even if I don’t love that thing, I assure you that I love your love of it.

And while I’m a great supporter of the love of common things and I’m no hater of the basic, I’ve always found that there seems to be a direct relationship between how weird your “thing” is and how much passion you have for it.

When new ideas change the world and shape our cultural landscape, we must always remember that it’s not the ideas themselves that did it. Ideas don’t exist. It’s the people that do it – the physical manifestation of a brilliant idea is the sweat of someone who has it.

Society all too often creates crab pots: strong incentives to stay normal and not deviate too far from what’s expected from an average member of your culture. We’re bludgeoned by it as children and adolescents, and it’s the path of least resistance as adults.

I say break away from all that. Break away young and never look back. I would never advise you to not care what anyone thinks about you, because I think that’s terrible advice. But I would strongly advise you to not care what everyone thinks about you. Be very choosy about whose opinions you value.

But always remember: It’s twice as much work to be strange. If you want to be weird, you have to be right. If you do what everyone else does and you fail, you get a surprising amount of sympathy from people who say, “Well, it’s not their fault, they did what they were supposed to,” or garbage like that. If you strike off the path and you stumble, you’re often on your own. But it’s still a better path. Robert Frost was right.

The weird ones change the world.

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