Ideas in Action

What do you want your ideas to do?

All great change and progress in the world starts with ideas, but not all great ideas become change and progress in the world. The vast majority of ideas sit idle and never take form in the world. They languish in the minds of the few and don’t take root where they could become real.

I want the values I care about to help my fellow humans. I want them to be more free, happier, and more successful. In fact, that’s the reason I have the values I do – I care about things that will accomplish those goals.

But it’s not enough to have the idea. It has to be given shape. It’s like the difference between a great idea for a new invention and seeing the finished product on the shelves.

Visualize the world you want, and work backwards to your idea. Can you find a connection – a viable path that leads from your idea to that vision? If so, it’s time to act. If not, it’s time to evaluate: is there such a path, but you need help to see it? That’s fine – enlist that help! Network, hire, and communicate to make the idea a reality. And if after doing all that, no one can see a path that leads from your idea to the better world you envision, then maybe the idea needs to be taken back to the drawing board. This constant revision process is healthy to your thinking; it will sharpen you.

When you find that right idea and that right path, don’t sleep. Change the world.

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