It’s not just the amazing 1990 album by They Might Be Giants – it’s also the current condition of my basement!

We’re getting some pretty crazy storms out here in the Mid-Atlantic region. Today while I was driving, I had to take a detour to avoid a major highway shutdown, and when I passed the highway in question, I saw an emergency rescue vehicle on the road.

It was a boat.

No kidding – the local fire team had an emergency raft and had deployed it to rescue people stuck in the flooded streets.

The weather out here is crazy. This morning I was building and flying a kite. Then they have to deploy street-boats and my basement floods. New Jersey is weird; it’s the only place I’ve ever lived where it can be below freezing and still rain. In the winter Jersey gets this sort of sludge made of water, ocean salt and industrial goo that just stands like jell-o, three inches thick but still completely liquid. And our summer storms are insane. Imagine the difference between taking a shower and just having an entire bathtub full of water dumped on you at once. That’s the difference between normal rain and what we get. It’ll only last five minutes but drop twenty inches of water on us.

I really like to do this sort of Doogie Howser thing where I find the episode-summarizing lesson in everything that happens to me. But the lesson here is probably just that sometimes stuff happens. You’re not being punished and your life isn’t worse than anyone else’s just because of a bad event. You have to roll with it sometimes. Break out the mop and bucket and get to work. It’s good for you to get humbled by nature now and then, just to remind you how good you really have it.

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