Better Busy Than Bored

Too much to do is better than too little.

Naturally, it’s good to strike a balance. But if you’re not sure what that balance is yet, I think it’s better to push the envelope a little. You are capable of amazing things, and often the only thing standing in your way is doubt.

Given half a second to think about it, your brain will prioritize a safer, more risk-averse path for you. Don’t jump – you won’t make it. Don’t try – you might fail. Don’t reach – you’ll get burned.

So say yes. Commit, then figure it out. Agree, plan, execute.

If you find you’ve taken too much onto your plate, you can pare it back later, but you’ll have the benefit of knowing which things you’re doing hold the most value to you. Which ones make you money or make you happy or both, which ones move you forward and which don’t. And you might find that some of those things hold deep satisfaction for you, and you wouldn’t have known if you were afraid to say yes in the first place.

As a general rule, if saying “yes” to something isn’t going to put you on the hook for more than a few months, it’s fine to dive in. Don’t be hasty to commit yourself to something that will be multiple years, but what’s the worst that happens if you take a six-month internship? Go for it!

Agree, plan, execute. You are capable of amazing things.

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