We are not meant to be static.

Change anxiety is a very real thing. Status quo bias is huge. We fear any disruption to any part of our lives. I think I understand why.

If you never change willingly, change will happen to you none the less. But change that happens to you unexpectedly can often be change for the worse. If all your changes are for the worse, then you’ll fear change and you won’t do it willingly.

Get it?

You’re going to go through changes either way. Nothing lasts forever. So go out and pick the ones you like! Shout “you can’t fire me, I quit!” to all of life. Train yourself to be comfortable with change when it happens, so you can better ride the storm of unexpected disruption, and to grasp the many positive changes that slip by you because you’re otherwise moderately comfortable.

Devil take “moderately comfortable.”

Sometimes things should be discarded even though nothing is wrong with them, to make room for better things. Jobs. Relationships. Clutter. Locations.

The goal of your life isn’t to build a barricade against the world. It’s to live in that world!

Someone I used to work with, who was one of my favorite co-workers ever, just left her job. She didn’t get fired (in fact, they adored her there), nor did she leave because she had another job offer. She didn’t dislike her job – she sings the praises of the company and the work they’re doing. So why did she leave?

The same reason a butterfly leaves a perfectly good cocoon. It was time. She’ll do something new, something amazing, see more of what life has to offer. It’s her change, and she can do whatever she wants with it – it didn’t happen to her. She made it happen.

So can you. It’s thrilling.

Turn and face the strange.

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