Some updates on my project of writing a book for the first time!

When I first talked about writing a book in that post, I set some goals for myself that included a four-hour block of time each week in September for planning, and learning Evernote.

Good news! I’ve been really successful on both counts, even though I changed that plan substantially. But hey, that’s what you do.

To start with the deviations – I realized early that a four-hour block was less realistic and less effective for me than bite-sized chunks every day. Fortunately, just keeping my eyes open to opportunities I saw an awesome one: a professional editor ran a five-day challenge for planning non-fiction books. Like, that was really on the nose, and not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I joined!

It’s been absolutely incredible. I just wrapped it today, and I have a chapter outline, writing plan, sample chapter, production timeline and numerous refined ideas ready to go – ahead of schedule! So there’s one of many lessons – pay attention to your own goals and how the world wants to help, and then embrace it when you get an easy serve.

I’ve also been LOVING Evernote. Not just for this book, but now I live in there and I already don’t know how I got along without it.

So, updated goals!

My goal now is to write for 30 minutes each day (that’s a little more time than I usually spend blogging, but not much), and I’m not going to force myself to do it all in one go as long as 30 minutes actually happens. Evernote makes this WAY easier; I can write anywhere more easily now. Based on projected word counts, that gets my first draft done by Christmas.

(Side note: Did you know I wrote over 15,000 words on this blog just in August? Cool!)

I’ll also give myself an extra hour on Sundays for research, review, organization, that kind of stuff. Poking around in my notes just to keep a macro view of the project.

As I get chapters into their deliverable stage, I’ll post them on The Opportunity Machine!

After that, I still don’t know anything about the editing, design, and publishing process. But guess what? Now I know an industry professional who’s been great to work with and who does know all that stuff. You definitely don’t have to know how to do everything yourself. Ship what you’re good at, and work with others on the other stuff. And keep yourself open to the world so you find those people!

I’m excited to see this continue to take shape!

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