Notes, October 2019 Edition

Here is some of the music I want to share with you. As always, no particular theme nor reason, other than that it’s super good.

A Night At The Opera, Queen. I definitely don’t have to explain why this album is great, but it’s possible you’ve never listened to it. If that’s the case – do so. Get ready to rock. My oldest daughter, age 7 and notorious critic of everything that carries a shred of nostalgic joy for me, absolutely adores a few small artifacts of the generations before her. Among them are The Neverending Story and all things Queen. If it’s good enough to penetrate her aloof-before-her-time exterior, it’s good enough to melt faces much older.

Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey. This album is beautiful. The whole album flows together so well that it’s hard for individual tracks to stand out in my memory, but I have a soft spot for long, powerful ballads like “Venice Bitch.” This is worth getting lost in, as I now have several times.

Moment of Glory, The Scorpions/Berliner Philharmoniker. Sadly unavailable on Spotify due to various international rights issues, this album is none the less so freakin’ good it’s worth buying the actual CD. The German glam-metal legends recorded an album of remixed hits and original songs alongside the amazingly talented Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the end result is one of the greatest works of metal or classical-style music you’ll hear. The entire album is like the musical equivalent of the greatest airbrushed van art ever.

A Perfect Contradiction, Paloma Faith. I discovered Paloma Faith very recently and quite by accident, and I’ve been so blown away. This album is so fantastic from start to finish, but “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” is probably my favorite track. Faith’s vocals are so powerful they have a physical impact on me; I can’t be handling fragile things while I listen. If you were hit hard by the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse, go listen to this album – I’m not saying she’s a replacement, but if you liked one you’ll like the other.

Bombs and Butterflies, Widespread Panic. Widespread Panic has been putting out albums every couple of years for like four decades, and they just consistently rock. They’re old-school cool and now they’re the kind of old guys that are just calcified music down to the core. You could really pick any album to start and have a good time, but one of their best hits, “Hope in a Hopeless World” was off this album, and the rest of the tracks are just as great.

As always, I listen to music like a drowning man, always desperate for the next new life preserver to keep me afloat just a little longer. Throw me one if you’ve got one!

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