Boldly Go

People often feel intense trepidation at the thought of a bold move when it comes to getting what they want. I understand why; for many people, being “noticed” is the last thing they want. People fear the spotlight and the scrutiny that comes with it.

The old adage, “Fortune Favors the Bold” is correct, though!

When it comes to achieving your dreams, bold moves just work. Putting yourself out there and exposing yourself to failure is impressive; ironically, it’s exposing yourself to failure that dramatically reduces the chances of failing!

One of the mental roadblocks for most people when considering a bold move is to equate the level of boldness with the amount you have to lose if you fail. But it’s not like that at all!

In a casino, if you want to win $5,000 you have to bet $5,000, which also means that’s how much you lose if your bet doesn’t pay off. But in the world as you know it, that’s rarely the case!

For example: Applying to a job. Right now, you don’t have that job. If you want to apply, you can do one of two things:

  1. Do what everyone else is doing and click “apply” on the link provided, fill in some boxes, and hit “submit.” Not bold, low chance of success, and failure means you don’t get the job.
  2. Do what no one else does and create something wildly impressive and unique and show it to them in a creative way. Very bold, high chance of success, and failure means you don’t get the job.

Now think about that. The failure condition in both cases is exactly the same. You don’t even have anything to lose in the first place, because you’re going for something totally new! There’s no “greater failure” to accompany your greater effort. You just increase your odds of success.

This applies to everything. Asking someone on a date? Do it in a fun and creative way. Aiming for a promotion? You won’t get fired for being too impressive, so the worst case scenario is just not getting it. Whatever you’re trying to get, if other people are involved, you have to impress them. No matter how uncomfortable, you have to seek the spotlight, at least a little – that’s where the winners stand.

In the casino analogy, imagine you had a “free play” token, and two slot machines to choose from: both paid out five grand on a jackpot, but one had a 2% chance of success, and the other had a 75% chance.

Same jackpot (the job, the date, whatever). Same cost (your effort). Same condition on failure (just being back where you started). The only difference is chance of success.

Those machines are labeled “Ordinary” and “Bold.”

Pick Bold.

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