Someone Is Looking For You

Right now, this very second, someone is looking for you. And you’d be happy if they found you, except they can’t.

There are more than seven billion people on this planet. Each one of them has, I would conservatively guess, about a hundred different wants and desires across any given day. That’s a lot of wishes being made, and there aren’t enough shooting stars for all of them.

With that many desires, it’s absolutely certain that you’re the right person to fulfill one of them.

Someone is looking for their next great employee, or their perfect boss, or their soul mate, or the owner of exactly the car they want to buy or something. The right person is looking such that you would be very happy if they found you.

Everyone is looking. Nowhere near enough people are trying to be found.

Some years ago a young man in the UK was out of work and pulled this bold and quite frankly genius stunt:

It worked! He got something like a hundred job offers after people went to the amazing website (it’s still up, you can visit it!) and then landed a great role. He even spent his first paycheck on a second billboard to say “thank you.”

He flipped the script. Instead of focusing on looking, he focused on being findable.

I’m not suggesting you buy a billboard – for one, copycat stunts are rarely as effective as the original. But I am suggesting you spend a little time reflecting on who you’re looking for – and then thinking about who they might be looking for, and where they might be looking. Why can’t they find you?

Fix that, and be found!

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