The Thick

I’m in Chicago!

I might be strange like this, but I love a good business trip. I like new experiences (such as a new city!), and I love a good work-intensive sprint. For a few days I can really dive into work that I thoroughly enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong; missing my kiddos starts to set in really hard after a few days, so I couldn’t live a life where I was on the road constantly. But I definitely get surges of wanderlust that are satisfied in a nicely positive way by work travel.

I also had some truly delicious empanadas for lunch, so that was awesome. I don’t recall having had empanadas before; if I have, it was long enough ago that it definitely counted as new.

I feel like a thriving urban environment is more like the wilderness than either is like the suburbs, my nominal home. In both a very urban or very wild environment, you can walk around and explore. In the city, everything belongs to everyone; in the wilds, nothing belongs to anyone. In both cases, you can walk around and check stuff out in a way you can’t in the suburbs, where everything belongs to someone. The suburbs are big collections of private property; the spaces where you can freely walk around are much more limited.

On the one hand, that actually makes them nice places to live; secure little homesteads with a sense of community but also privacy. But it makes them the least interesting places to be for a short time.

I’m enjoying myself so far, here in the thick of things. I’ll tell you more tomorrow!

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