Focus Pocus

Excitement is a powerful feeling, but it can be difficult to harness. If the excitement comes after the planning, it can be great! You’ve crafted an action strategy and now you’re getting hyped for the action itself.

But if the excitement happens before the planning, it can actually really get in the way. Excitement is by its nature omni-directional. It’s like heat. It will push you in every direction, giving you a thousand ideas a minute before you can act on any of them – or even plan to do so.

That can be challenging to wrangle! How do you tell your brain not to have ideas, and to stay focused on the task at hand?

One avenue that has worked for me is to make sure I always have somewhere to “put” those ideas. An evergreen Evernote, a specific Slack channel, a blog, a notebook. Somewhere you can add things quickly but then leave them behind. Scratch the itch in your brain, and then circle back later.

The benefits are twofold – give your focus a chance to execute through the storm of ideas now, and later during a dry spell when you’re lacking in excitement and creativity you can dip into the vault and make yourself excited all over again. The strongest ideas will have aged the best. They’ll excite you as you plan and you can start all over again.

Your continual opportunity machine.

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