The Perfect Face For Radio

Yesterday I had my first live appearance on a live radio broadcast, which was really fun! The segment is over in my “Scrapbook” page if you’re interested.

The show has a six-figure+ listener base, so it was pretty awesome to think that some of the advice I doled out might have really helped some people. That’s eternally my mission, and I sincerely hope that at least one person out there found a little bit of help on tap for that particular issue.

The segment was very last-minute – their publicist reached out to my company that same day. I know a tiny bit about how those things can go; last-minute cancellations or something like that, most likely. But it definitely meant I had no time to plan, nor really any advanced awareness of the topic of discussion. I wasn’t already familiar with the show, though the hosts were spectacular and I was treated respectfully by everyone at all stages.

Personally, I love that kind of adventure. There’s virtually no size of audience that will make me nervous to speak, and I’ve never really needed advanced planning to speak publicly. So this was exactly the kind of thing I’d jump on anyway.

But even if it wasn’t, it’s good to jump on things. Say yes to stuff! The more stuff you say yes to, the more stuff is likely to cross your path.

Thanks to everyone that ever listened to me talk. I hope I said a few words, at least, that helped you.

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