Red Letter Day

Had quite the adventure today; while heading towards Pittsburgh and about 100 miles from home, my two youngest kids simultaneously got sick all over the car. And while it might have been possible to power through it, we were much closer to home than to our destination and the possibility of them being more than just carsick (which they’ve never been before) caused us to decide to turn around. Perhaps I was too cautious, but I don’t want to have two of my kids be sick over a long weekend hundreds of miles from home. Personally I’d rather have them not be sick at all, but if it has to happen, I want it to happen in my own fortress. You do you.

But despite the setback, we’re still thankful for a lot. I’m happy that despite the troubles, we have the capabilities to address them. Right now all my kids are in their beds, and for the moment appear not to be vomiting. That alone is worth celebrating, but the reality is even in the face of disaster we’re a capable bunch and we endure. Hard times give way to easier ones soon enough. Don’t forget as you come upon difficulties in difficult times, like when your kids get sick on a holiday road trip and your phone gets run over by a passing truck as you try to help them (yup), that there’s still something else to be thankful for, somewhere, even if it’s not what others expect. After all, it’s your gratitude to offer and your life to live. You do you.

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