Marking Time

We count time in many ways, and most of them aren’t very scientific.

We count a lot of arbitrary things annually. A year is a convenient measuring tool, but nothing about the number 365 suggests that it’s an ideal block of time for learning or experiencing or developing.

We worry about deadlines, are eager about weekends. We waste fifteen minutes on nothing many times over, but would often kill for an extra fifteen minutes first thing in the morning. We think about how long it takes for a cup of tea to cool.

Our value of these moments varies wildly. I won’t watch a YouTube video that’s over eight minutes, but I’ll happily read for hours. I’ll spend a whole weekend on some leisure activity but I don’t like taking 20 minutes to make myself lunch.

These are the rhythms of your life, and it’s worth putting them in some sort of harmony. Think about the things in your life that you mark time against, and make sure that they have a flow to them that’s complementary. Don’t ignore the value you can gain by moving even a single minute from one activity to another. You can find great treasure hidden between breaths.

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