Second Degree

Let’s say you know about a hundred people well enough to have a conversation with them within about a week if you requested one. For most people, that’s probably in the ballpark. That’s great! That’s a hundred sources of information, enjoyment, fellowship, or enrichment. Other people know so much that you don’t; there’s some overlap to be sure, but that’s still an order of magnitude or more information that isn’t stored within your own brain.

If that was the end of this post, it would still be a cool thing to reflect on. But there’s an additional element from this that absolutely blows my mind when I pause to think about it.

Each of those people knows about a hundred people, too! That means you’re only one step removed from literally thousands of really great conversations, connections, and relationships. How cool is that?

Most people don’t consider it. They don’t realize how easy it is to ask for one small introduction, and how joyously most people will abide by that request. I know personally that introducing two people into a fruitful interaction makes me feel on top of the world.

And once you’ve made that connection? Now they’re in your original 100 (now 101!), meaning their hundred is within your second degree of connection. Your access to information can grow exponentially with only a few kind words and friendly chats.

Marvel truly at the unique views of other people, but don’t just stop at who you can see. Consider who they can see, and cast your vision out into the ever-widening world. It’s a wonderful place with so much to learn. The fact that the primary tool to gain this information is kindness is icing on the cake.

Try to have a conversation with a new person at least once a week. It will change your life, I promise.

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