Living Out Loud

Anything worth doing is worth doing visibly.

If you’re pursuing a path of self-improvement, write about it. Talk about it. Vlog about it, whatever. But do it in a visible way. This has tremendous benefits:

  1. It will organize your own thoughts. If you can’t explain your plan to a stranger, you probably don’t have a great plan. Chronicling your journey while you’re on it keeps you focused.
  2. It will give you accountability. There’s just something about announcing your goals that makes them real. Put them out into the world, and people will see them. That can lift you up.
  3. It invites encouragement and collaboration. There is a vast wealth of great wisdom out in the world, and being visible is a way to invite it.
  4. It provides credibility. There’s nothing like actively living a journey to prove you can do it.

So often we engage in our best efforts and most worthwhile thoughts in secret while blasting out our chatter and noise at full volume. Switch it around a little and see what marvelous doors may open.

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