I’ve been a bit of a slacker on my workout for the last week or so. But my oldest daughter really likes working out with me, so today she requested that as a daddy-daughter activity. It’s easier to put off your workout when it’s just for you. How can I say no to her?

You can generate a lot of good habits in your life by tying them to other things you want to do. I always invite my kids along with my chores. When my three-year-old says “I wanna help!” while I’m doing dishes or cooking dinner, I always find something for her to do, even if it’s just holding a can of peas or drying a spatula.

I encourage my kids to join in the things I have to do, so they’ll want to do those things. That in turn keeps me motivated to do them, like today. I got a really solid workout in because my daughter just wanted to spend the time. If I played video games with her that’s what she would want to do, so instead I try to tie as much of our activities together to positive things. Reading time, workout time, cleaning time, etc.

Connect the things you want to do with the things you have to do. It’ll help.

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