New Month’s Resolution – April 2020

Happy New Month!

So last month my resolution was to try to form a better morning routine. Well, for anyone reading this in the future, last month the world also ended.

I mean it didn’t really, but to say that there’s been some upheaval would be a pretty major understatement.

So my sleep schedule hasn’t gotten much better. There’s a lot of noise in a house with three kids, especially if those kids generally can’t leave and are crawling up the walls. But that’s okay – we roll with those punches. Life won’t always stay neatly packaged, and that’s the beauty of the “New Month’s Resolution” paradigm instead of “New Year’s.” You only lose 1/12th of the time & momentum when you need to make a pivot.

So here’s my resolution for April – survive. Keep my kids’ lives as normal as possible given the disruption, finding things to do with them despite the challenges. Get outside with them as much as possible while still being safe and dry (oh yeah, on top of everything else, this is major rainy season where I live). Things will return to baseline, as long as we stay sane. So that’s what I’m planning to do.

Stay safe, everyone.

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