Certain Individuals

I’m not a fan of certainty.

I think it’s a generally unhealthy state of being. I think it’s bad to be certain, and it’s bad to want to be certain.

When you’re sure of something, you think – nay, you know – that you’ve got the complete picture. You aren’t missing any information; how could you be? So if you’re sure of something, then you’ve closed yourself off from new information (or at least the ability of new information to sway your position). Not only does that mean you’ll over-commit to possible mistakes, but it also means you’ll stop learning anything new about the topic you’re so certain about.

When you think about that, it seems like an absurd thing to want. But so many people don’t want to try anything unless they’re certain they’re right. Parse that out into a sentence, and it looks like this: “I don’t want to attempt any task until I’ve completely stopped learning about it and have insulated myself fully from any ability to learn from what I do.”

Seems like an absurd position to want to start from. I don’t like to keep my learning separate from my doing; I’ve always found that they work best when done in tandem.

Of course, I could be wrong. I’m not certain.

One thought on “Certain Individuals

  1. Reading Brene Brown today- Being vulnerable enough to fail, ask for help, learn from mistakes…so critically important.
    Especially NOW when there is so much we don’t know.
    At least I think so:)

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