Carry On

What do you carry around with you on a regular basis?

I don’t ever like feeling “unarmed.” In this context, that doesn’t mean I carry around weapons – it means tools. I fall very neatly into a certain suburban-dad stereotype where I always like to have a few tools on me whenever I’m out of my house. Things like a Swiss Army knife, a multi-tool, stuff like that.

I’ve never been in a situation where I would have lost my life or suffered any major damage if I didn’t have one of those, but on the other hand, I’ve used them to solve minor inconveniences for myself or others thousands of times. If I saved 30 seconds of frustration each time, these little gadgets have more than proven their worth.

Some people do the same with other items – I’ve known people that are never without a sewing kit, others never without a notebook, still others never without an actual weapon.

The small accouterments that we use in our daily lives say a lot about the shape those lives have taken. What do you carry with you?

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