How to Adapt

How do you change when circumstances change?

Don’t change everything. Don’t aim to alter something totally. Think of it like judo – you want to adapt to the incoming force using as subtle of a change as is humanly possible.

First, that means looking at the atoms that make up your subject. You hate your job – so you want to quit, change industries, move to a new city, scrap your whole career and start over. That’s not adapting, that’s scorched earth. Instead, look at the smallest changes first. Take a few days off, and when you come back request a new assignment.

Work your way up the leverage until you get the outcome you want. Big decisions are made of a hundred small decisions, and chances are you got most of those right. Destroying them all to get the bad ones is like burning down your house to kill a hornet trapped inside.

First, try opening the window to let it out.

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