If At First

If you are very, very patient, every safe is crack-able.

If 28-34-16 didn’t work, try 28-34-17.

Tweak. Improve. Iterate.

It’s not the best position to be in, the position where you’re literally just trying every combination. There are better ways, but sometimes the better ways fail. When you’re down to just trying every combination, don’t do it at random. Do it in an orderly way. Track your progress.

Don’t get frustrated. Not because it isn’t frustrating, but because being frustrated doesn’t help.

Even if you don’t succeed, I’ll tell you this – a tracked, categorized failure is better than a random, jumbled one.

You can always sell a well-recorded history of an interesting failure as a good story and a road map for others, if nothing else. It might turn into fuel for a better idea down the road. But none of that happens of you get reduced to this point and just start flailing.

When your back’s against the wall, more than ever, be deliberate.

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