“I Feel Good”

People like me don’t take feeling good seriously enough.

It’s convenient when it happens, but I don’t pay enough attention to it. It takes a back seat to other responsibilities. I’m aware of the Big Things ™ that I want, that give me satisfaction and purpose, but I don’t pay enough attention to smaller things that just make me feel nice in the moment.

I’m not even talking about things I can do. I know that a walk around the block makes me feel good, so I do it when I can – though I don’t prioritize it enough. I know I feel better when I drink a lot of water (especially with some cucumber in it… mmm), and yet despite how free and easy it is to do, I don’t drink enough. But more than these small things which I don’t give enough space, there’s also the things that happen to me.

I love hearing a new song, but I don’t turn on the radio. I love the opportunity to fix a broken thing, but I don’t go where broken things are. I love a chance conversation with a stranger, but I don’t go out.

Busy, busy, busy. Too busy for little things, little smiles.

Maybe not today.

I’m going to go cut up a few slices of cucumber and put them in a water bottle and walk around the block. Smile for me today.

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