Notes, June 2020 Very Special Edition

Hello everyone! I’m doing a departure from my normal format of the monthly “Notes” post. Normally I just pick a handful of albums and talk about them, but I’m going to step away from that a little this month to talk about why I do that, and the awesome thing I’m going to share with you this month instead.

I like music. I don’t know anything about it, but I love it. I’m not a talented musician (I can actually rock pretty hard on the harmonica, but that’s it). I’m not well-versed in music theory or history or anything like that. I just really, really like it. I listen to anything anyone shows me – I’ve never said, “eh, I’m not really into that kind of music” because I’ve never encountered a genre yet that didn’t have something in it that could move me. So my goal is twofold – I want to learn about as much music as I can (knowing full well I’ll never even scratch the surface of all there is), and I want to share what I’ve learned with other people who also just feel the thrill of listening to something with such power.

To that end, I pick a few albums every month and talk about them, link them, and hopefully start a conversation. My dream is that someone new listens to those albums for the first time as a result.

Last week I had the absolute honor of getting to talk about this stuff on season finale episode of the Music Challenge Podcast, a podcast dedicated to exactly that – the stories that connect us to the awesome music we listen to. I’m going to link the episode I was in below, but listen to the whole season (and the ones to come!) because you’ll get more from them than you ever would from just a single blog post of mine. (Plus, as a bonus, I still talk about multiple albums in the episode so you’ll get the normal content of a Notes post anyway!)

The only universally shared languages are math and music, and music is just math with soul. Go and listen.

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