Sow, Reap

Save your work.

Any time you work on anything, save it. If your work is already digital, save copies and organize them. If what you do is physical, document it in a digital way – take pictures, write about it, make a YouTube channel.

The point is to document. Keep a running file of your work. You know, blog if you like!

You are planting a gold mine.

The benefits are endless. Show people the real you, have deeper conversations, attract better attention, improve your work faster and more permanently.

If you spent a hundred hours painting a picture, you wouldn’t just throw it away after. You’d hang it up. Maybe you’d sell it, but even if you did I’d hope you’d take some quality high-resolution photos of it for yourself first.

Imagine you wanted the job of painting the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. You’re one of the greatest painters of your time, but you’ve discarded everything you’ve ever painted. You have a great resume, though! Do you think you’ll get the job?

If you’re putting in the work to get better at something, plant these seeds. You’ll thank me later.

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