Rush Charge

It’s common practice to pay more for something if you want it faster. Same-day shipping, expedited service, etc. There’s the standard length of time, and then there’s the rush pricing.

What if there was the reverse? What if you could lower your price or get some sort of a rebate if you received what you wanted more slowly?

I do a thing with my kids, where if they’re too impatient for something I make them stand in the corner and count breaths. Deep inhales and exhales, count to 20, 30, 40. Remember that things will come as they come.

Sometimes you can pay more to rush them along, but almost never can you make something’s time come sooner by bouncing around impatiently. That’s a lesson for adults, too.

If you can reasonably put resources towards expediting something, then make the informed decision. $50 might be unreasonable to get a $5 item to you one day sooner – but maybe not. There are plenty of reasons you might need that item a day sooner, and some of those reasons might involve preventing the loss of more than $50. I won’t judge.

But some things just can’t be sped up no matter how many resources you put towards them. A great line someone shared with me: “Even with nine women, you can’t make a baby in one month.”

Try this: Every time you have to wait for something that you’d otherwise not wait for, put a dollar in a jar. Or ten dollars, or a thousand (whatever works for your budget). Maybe make the payment for every day you have to wait. Then when you get the item, pick up the cash at the same time and spend it on whatever you like. Reward yourself for your patience. Build up a tolerance for waiting.

Things will come as they come.

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