If you’re like most people, you probably have any number of things that cause you to have Bad Feelings.

Events you don’t like. Activities you’d rather not perform. States of being you don’t want to exist in.

For each of these things, there is an opposite. In a neutral state, away from the poison, you could probably think about what the antidote is. And prepare for it.

A clean example – maybe you hate being thirsty. It gives you headaches and makes you irritable. The antidote? A convenient-to-carry water bottle, or strategically-placed water near your workspace, etc.

Maybe it really annoys you every time you get in your car and start driving, only to realize you forgot your sunglasses. Your antidote? A spare pair to keep exclusively in the glove compartment.

Your poisons aren’t infinite. Most are repetitive. Take the time to find their antidotes and place them strategically. Free your mind from those poisonous distractions.

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