Better Than Nothing

Take consolation prizes when you can. Don’t be so bitter about missing first place that you also miss third.

You really wanted to get to the gym today. Wanted to spend at least an hour there. But call after call, emergency after emergency. You didn’t make it. The strongest thing in the world now – in some ways stronger than making it to the gym in the first place – is dropping to the floor in your kitchen and doing ten push-ups.

Better than nothing.

People aim high and then quit. Don’t do that – don’t use missing that last 1% as an excuse to not put in the 99% tomorrow, or even five minutes later. You planned to dump your whole bonus into your investment account, but most of it went to an emergency medical bill? Put the last scraps in anyway.

Better than nothing.

Don’t end on a goose egg (sales slang for “zero,” if you didn’t know that one). Get on the board, somehow. Even if it doesn’t affect today’s outcome, it affects tomorrow’s hope. You still lose the game whether the final score is 35-0 or 35-1, but that one point can be the bottom rung of the ladder you need to climb up tomorrow.

Better than nothing.

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