The Worst of Both Worlds

The world is unequal in nearly every regard.

From the moment you’re born (in fact, a good deal beforehand), there are already weights on the scales. You don’t come into this world with anything close to a blank slate.

On a micro level, that persists. You will never be exact as “X” as your neighbor – exactly as wealthy, exactly as healthy, exactly as wise. Exactly as happy.

But you will also never be exactly as “X” as you were today, and will be tomorrow. Time exists. We are not static, we are lines flowing through the years.

Some people want to tear and shred when they witness some unequal measure of anything. Your car is nicer than mine, so I’ll flatten the tires and smash the windshield. You’re in better shape than me, so I’ll cut your hamstring. You’re happier than me, so I’ll make you miserable.

Don’t fall into that trap. Every second you spend destroying is a second you could have spent creating. Better to help the future version of you than hurt the future version of someone else.

You can’t build a house out of the ashes of someone else’s.

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