Victory Condition

Are you winning or losing today? This month? This year?

How do you know?

Most people can’t tell. They have a vague sense of whether or not they’re doing “well,” but even that is often based more on society’s standards than their own. They have no sense if they’ve progressed towards any real goals, because they don’t have them. They make short-term decisions that they hope are good, and similarly hope those decisions will congeal into some sort of happy life.

Disaster. Disappointment. Heartbreak.

The good news is that you don’t have to be the victim of such tides, forever having your life served to you by luck and chance. The good news is that you can succeed or fail on your own merits instead.

All you have to is pick a target.

Declare a victory condition. Declare, concretely, what your goal is and your timeframe for achieving it. Then you’ll succeed or fail – but even if you fail, at least you’ll know that you’re failing and can change your actions accordingly.

Otherwise you may fail your whole life and never realize it. Always wondering why you aren’t quite as happy as you think you could be.

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