The Bow

You loved the place you went, but you hated the plane ride.

You thought the meal tasted delicious, but you disagreed with which pots they made it in.

You loved the present you got, but hated the bow.

I have a rule about process. Your own process matters tremendously; much more than the end result. With other people or external things, their end result matters much more than their process.

Caring about someone else’s process is called training, and it’s worth money. I wouldn’t do it unless that person was paying me or was my kid, generally speaking. If someone else is doing something for you, it’s usually precisely because it’s inefficient for you to do it yourself.

You pay a restaurant to cook for you. Even if you’re an expert chef, it wouldn’t make sense for you to go back there and oversee the process of your meal being prepared. You’re making future decisions based on the results.

This is especially true with what we’ll call “Heisenberg Results.” Those are results where measuring the process actually changes the results! Obviously that chef wouldn’t make as good a meal with you hovering over them.

Don’t worry about the bow – worry about what’s in the box.

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