The Calendar of the Mind

You can schedule your body more easily than your brain.

You can live by the calendar and the clock. You can make sure that your physical form is where you want it, present and punctual, on some very tight timetables. You can be at school, work, an event, in your bed, at exactly the moment you want.

But that doesn’t mean your brain will follow.

You can be physically at work, but your mind can be miles away. Your head can be physically on your pillow, but the brains rattling around inside can be going a mile a minute.

That’s something you need to consider when you’re making your schedule. Which tasks require your mind to be completely present? And how long will it take your mind to catch up with where you’ve put your head?

Paintbrush in hand and canvas in front of you – it does no good if the mind’s eye is turned elsewhere. Check in with your mind when you make the schedule. Respect the natural flow of your best thinking, and work with it.

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