Notes, November 2020 Edition

Hello everyone! Listen to some cool music:

Jailbreak, by Thin Lizzy. Man, what an underrated album. You’ve heard half of this album a thousand times, and the other half never. But the other half is super good! Yeah yeah, “The Boys Are Back In Town” is played out from every sporting event, wedding, and action movie you’ve ever seen. Skip it if you want. The rest of the album has a ton of range and depth.

Laughing into the Void, by Tiny Stills. I found this band kind of by accident on a YouTube rabbit-hole, but I’m really into the limited stuff they’ve released so far. They remind me a little of another band that I love, Cruiserweight, except a little more folk and a little less punk. Listen to the last song on the album, “Someday Everyone Who Hurt Me Will Be Dead” if you want a neat first glimpse. Then you’ll go back and listen to the whole album and end on that song again, and it’ll be great.

Stranger Than Fiction, by Bad Religion. Oh, the glorious glorious 90s. Never was bad music so good. Only one song on this album is above 3 minutes, and many are under 2. They didn’t waste time or drag it out! So I won’t either – go listen.

I’m Not Dead, by P!nk. Okay, I admit that I slept on P!nk for the most part when she was super big. Which is weird, because she’s exactly the kind of musician I usually love, but hey, no time like the present. Anyway, I really just want to talk about one song on this album: Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self. This might be one of the top 20 most powerful songs I’ve ever heard. She’s at the absolute TOP of her vocal game, the production is amazing, the concept of the song is incredible. It really knocked me out the first time I listened.

Fight or Fight, by Vilhelm Hass. Super cool album of solely instrumental, high-octane metal tracks. I love a lot of metal, but there’s also a lot of metal that I would otherwise love except I don’t like the vocals. So I’m already halfway sold by just the concept, but Vilhelm Hass delivers a really fun and intense album as well. I know a lot of people also find the vocals to be the “barrier to entry” for their enjoyment of the genre, so this is great “starter metal” if you’re looking to dip your toes into the musical style.

As always, enjoy the music in your life – and share it with others!

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