The Doors That Are Open

There are two doors in front of you. One is unlocked and in fact wide open, and behind it is $100,000. The other is locked. You’re told that behind that door is $200,000, and the person telling you this offers to sell you a key to that door for the price of $125,000.

What’s the smart choice, here?

People are, in my experience, radically over-concerned with theoretical end results to the exclusion of both “what is actually happening” and “what is the cost to even approach the theoretical end result.”

You could just take the free $100,000. But many people just say “200k is more than 100k! Therefore, Door B is the better choice!” Absurd. Even if the key was cheaper, remember that you don’t even know that Door B has $200,000 behind it!

There are open doors all around you, and you can have a really great life by going through them. Don’t bash your head on the locked one just because you think something good might be behind there. Start with what works.

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