Memorable Storytelling

I’m going to share a secret with you. A formula. A pretty tried-and-true way to stick out in someone’s memory.

“Once upon a time things were normal. And then they became bad, and here’s why! Then I did some cool things that only I could do. Then things were normal again, or even slightly better, because of what I did.”

That is every story ever. That’s the system. Replace the vague language with specific detail, but do not change the essential formula. That story will stick out in someone’s mind for a long time. Way longer than unconnected, irrelevant details.

Interviews. Dates. Sales calls. Family reunions.

You have cool stories in your past. You just might not know how to tell them. The above is how – use your details, truthful ones, things that really happened. But when you’re trying to figure out what order they go in, how to line them up – that’s how.

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