New Month’s Resolution – January 2021

Happy New Month! (And I guess also happy new year, but the new month is more important.)

I’m very excited about this month. My role at my job is evolving, and this month is the official kickoff of the next stage. I’m really amped for it, and so that’s the focus of my New Month’s Resolution – kicking off this new focus with 100% of my attention and effort.

I spent a lot of last month (successfully!) creating good paradigms for my “parawork.” The work that needs to be done in order to do the meaningful work you want to do. The reports, the organization, the scheduling, the emails. Even the “off-hours” parawork like making sure I have an environment in which I can do the best work, my kids are attended to during the hours in which I’m focusing, etc. I’ve created a good little sphere of my life in which to do good work, and I’m excited to get it rolling.

A recurring theme of the “new month’s resolution” bears special repeating here, in this month – don’t set goals with a timeframe of a year. That’s ludicrous. The level of direct ambition has to match the time-frame. Build habits by the day, build milestones and course corrections by the week, build goals by the month, and make planning frameworks by the year.

Happy new month to you – and may all of those things be successful!

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