I have a particular client who has been doing absolutely stellar work recently. I commented as such, how much she’s accomplished and how far she’s come, and she said “It doesn’t feel like it.”

As a father, something I notice is that my kids never seem to age. I mean, they obviously do, but they never seem to. The only time it becomes apparent is when I have cause to really reflect on what they were like in the past, most usually because I look at a picture of them from the past. I see my children every day, so their growth is always incremental from the last moment I saw them. Taken in small doses, it seems to vanish entirely. Only in big chunks can you notice a distinct change.

On occasion, write down what your life is like on that day. Date it, and just put it away somewhere. That way, on occasion you can look at these snapshots the way I occasionally look at old pictures of my kids. And just as I say “wow, they really have grown,” you can say the same for yourself.

Moving a mountain never feels like moving a mountain. Because you don’t move mountains; you move rocks. But if you move enough of them then the mountain moves, too.

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